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New Listings

   Handless Millionaire - Your money or your hands? Warning - gory!
   Four a.m. - The museum of Four in the Morning
   Neon Haze - Strange Sci-Fi-Art-Adventure game
   Contempathy - Marc Maron Quote Generator
   Worst things for sale - The worst that money can buy
   The Animal - There's a goddamn animal in the house!
   Matt Furie - Weird art
   Horse raised by spheres - Peculiar. Press enter, click the red dot.
   Daylight of Darkness - Very odd story
   Things bears love - Om nom nom
   Depressing Fridge Poems - An antidote to happiness
   Studio Know - Improving the Internet for the Good of Mankind
   Shia Labeouf - A song about a cannibal, by Rob Cantor
   OMG Gaming Mouse - The ultimate gaming mouse
   cachemonet - arty music video
   Acid bunny - Help the bunny to repair his friend
   SuperLOL - Just pictures.
   Jack Chop - Careless cooking
   Album covers - Yugoslavian album covers
   mute - Animation about mouthless people

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