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I am bored / I'm so bored

Are you even bored? Are you saying "I am Bored" or more likely "Im bored" (I'm bored even!)? Well why not check out these Favourite pointless crazy sites. We like sites so much that we created this page especially for 'em. We like these ones the best...

   Pointless sites - Pointless sites - our sister site. A plethora of pointlessness.
   Chat up lines - Ha! Aka Pick up lines
   Prime number shitting bear - A fascinating mathematical demonstration. With sound effects.
   Pingu Extreme - Can you beat 960? No, I thought not....
   FmyLife - You thought your life was bad....
   ZOMG Zufall! - Refresh for more
   Robogran - Duck?
   Don't pick your nose - Ew!
   Ragdoll Avalanche 2 - Gruesome ragdoll physics

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