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More Sites for you (new sites)

Not as new as the new pointless sites but still just as pointless

   Reptilians - Deadly invisible shape-shifting aliens are among us!
   The house 2 - Very creepy point and click adventure. Not for the faint-hearted.
   Sleep talk recorder - Listen to what people say in their sleep
   9 Eyes - A collection of Google streetview images
   Clicking bad - Browser version of Breaking Bad
   Who searches this stuff - Bizarre Google search auto-completions
   My housemate's diary - A sneaky peek into someone else's life
   Knives in hands - Photos with knives photoshopped in.
   Rejected - Bizarre cartoons
   Do Not Touch - Crowdsourced music video
   Worst plays in the world - Well, they're strange, but not that bad...
   Palace of chairs - Guess who's back?
   Guys American Kitchen and Bar - Mmm... tasty!
   Comedian quotes - Quotes from top comedians
   Badger - How to install Linux on a Dead Badger
   Gangsta translator - Search for topics, have them displayed gangsta-style.
   Real ultimate power - Facts about ninjas
   Rules of the Internet - Bet you didn't know it was so complicated.
   can-your-pet - Is this game really as cutesy as it appears? Play to the end...
   The End - A morbid platformer, set in some kind of afterlife.
   Dog paradox - Comic strip from The Oatmeal
   Perfectly timed photos - Action caught at exactly the right moment.
   mutilate-a-doll - Extreme ragdoll physics. Spacebar to create doll.
   Caver - This is creepy
   The Meta picture - Pictures to chuckle over
   unomoralez - Odd art
   The End - How the world might end
   Custom Creature Taxidermy - Creepy hybrid stuffed creatures
   Dream Camera - It's all a bit creepy
   Candy - Candy the magic dinosaur. Check out episodes 2, 3 and 4 too.
   funswitcher - Click the switches to mix and match hundreds of sound loops. (Not IE8)
   Dragomir's diary - Days in the life of Dragomir
   Pointless sites - Pointless sites - our sister site. A plethora of pointlessness.
   MoanMyIP - Finding your IP address has never felt so good.
   post secret - Other peoples' secrets
   Tashorama - An Inter-active Moustache-orama
   Hipster Bingo - Entertain yourself at the next gig you go to.
   Soft toy mistreatment - This is where unloved teddy bears end up.
   The Internet is $++t -
   Homerun in Berzerk Land - Like Pingu Extreme, but with a geek.
   Robot Chicken Gummy Bear - I'm so happy 'cos I'm a gummy bear...
   Brad: the game - Text-based multiple-choice adventure
   Swat 2 - Tactical sniper
   Chat up lines - Ha! Aka Pick up lines
   Hand thing - nutters!
   Don't hug me - ...
   Coin placing... - quirky game
   Christmas game - !! cut ropes
   Prime number shitting bear - A fascinating mathematical demonstration. With sound effects.
   Pencil - creepy weird film about a girl and a pencil
   Kado - Bla bla bla rawraraghgh
   Death by hinge - Kinda like Pingu Extreme, but with a hinge. And it's not a penguin.
   5-second films - Films that last for just 5 seconds.
   Zombies ate my phone - Brains... brains...
   Presidential Pick up lines - from all centuries...
   Pingu Extreme - Can you beat 960? No, I thought not....
   stfu - STFU!
   You are a - Click the words to find out what you are.
   FmyLife - You thought your life was bad....
   Chicks with Steve Buscemeyes - Mascara doesn't help
   Scrape Scraperteeth - or the crushing punch/slap/stab of real estate madness.
   Poor hamster - It's tough being a hamster.
   Robots are our friends - ...mostly harmless.
   Koneke - "My Samurai-squad owns your Headgear-Necrophiles."
   Body Bread - Dude, you're a total bread head.
   Commander Pants 1 - He wants to be a rock star
   Tiny Things I Hate - An irritated person's blog
   Robot Pirates - We are the robot pirates!
   Modern Living - Modern Living/Neurotica
   The best 404 page - Refresh for more...
   Rainbow Puke - Spewing Spectra
   Secretly fart - Secretly fart to score points
   Effing Worms - Play as a gigantic killer worm and eat anything which stands in your path!
   ASDF Movie - ASDF Movie
   Light people on fire - Do you have a burning desire?
   ZOMG Zufall! - Refresh for more
   Amazing Horse - Sweet lemonade...
   Butt dance - Shake it.
   I love noodles - How much do you love them?
   World's most dangerous creature - Check out part 2 too.
   Make my head grow - Use the arrow keys
   Explosions and boobs - Err... explosions. And boobs.
   Things I did last night - ...
   Robogran - Duck?
   Don't pick your nose - Ew!
   Explosm - Cyanide & Happiness
   Keep Busy - Vids :)
   Ignite people on fire - Do you have an intense burning desire?
   Spewer - A game about puking
   Men's room monologue - All you ever wanted to know about Men's rooms
   Picture is Unrelated - Picture is... unrelated.
   Hoodthong - Essential fashion
   Ragdoll Avalanche 2 - Gruesome ragdoll physics
   Facts on Farts - All you ever wanted to know about farts
   Don't shit your pants - A survival horror game. Text based.

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