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Sound and Music

Pitched for the 14 plus year old in your life.... musical and sound oriented web sites, gathered together into a symponic, philharmonic, phonic, cacophonic collection of acoustic absurdity and weirdness.

   Prime number shitting bear - A fascinating mathematical demonstration. With sound effects.
   Pointless sites - Pointless sites - our sister site. A plethora of pointlessness.
   Shia Labeouf - A song about a cannibal, by Rob Cantor
   5-second films - Films that last for just 5 seconds.
   Pencil - creepy weird film about a girl and a pencil
   cachemonet - arty music video
   Do Not Touch - Crowdsourced music video
   Palace of chairs - Guess who's back?
   funswitcher - Click the switches to mix and match hundreds of sound loops. (Not IE8)
   Sleep talk recorder - Listen to what people say in their sleep
   Homerun in Berzerk Land - Like Pingu Extreme, but with a geek.
   Four a.m. - The museum of Four in the Morning
   MoanMyIP - Finding your IP address has never felt so good.
   Make my head grow - Use the arrow keys
   Ignite people on fire - Do you have an intense burning desire?
   Men's room monologue - All you ever wanted to know about Men's rooms
   ZOMG Zufall! - Refresh for more
   ASDF Movie - ASDF Movie
   Poor hamster - It's tough being a hamster.
   Light people on fire - Do you have a burning desire?
   Keep Busy - Vids :)
   I love noodles - How much do you love them?
   Amazing Horse - Sweet lemonade...
   Butt dance - Shake it.
   Robot Pirates - We are the robot pirates!
   Robots are our friends - ...mostly harmless.
   The best 404 page - Refresh for more...
   Commander Pants 1 - He wants to be a rock star

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