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Games, puzzles and interactive playthings for the descerning over 14 year old....

   Handless Millionaire - Your money or your hands? Warning - gory!
   Neon Haze - Strange Sci-Fi-Art-Adventure game
   Acid bunny - Help the bunny to repair his friend
   The house 2 - Very creepy point and click adventure. Not for the faint-hearted.
   Clicking bad - Browser version of Breaking Bad
   can-your-pet - Is this game really as cutesy as it appears? Play to the end...
   The End - A morbid platformer, set in some kind of afterlife.
   mutilate-a-doll - Extreme ragdoll physics. Spacebar to create doll.
   Pointless sites - Pointless sites - our sister site. A plethora of pointlessness.
   Hipster Bingo - Entertain yourself at the next gig you go to.
   Soft toy mistreatment - This is where unloved teddy bears end up.
   Homerun in Berzerk Land - Like Pingu Extreme, but with a geek.
   Brad: the game - Text-based multiple-choice adventure
   Swat 2 - Tactical sniper
   Coin placing... - quirky game
   Christmas game - !! cut ropes
   Death by hinge - Kinda like Pingu Extreme, but with a hinge. And it's not a penguin.
   Zombies ate my phone - Brains... brains...
   Pingu Extreme - Can you beat 960? No, I thought not....
   Scrape Scraperteeth - or the crushing punch/slap/stab of real estate madness.
   Secretly fart - Secretly fart to score points
   Effing Worms - Play as a gigantic killer worm and eat anything which stands in your path!
   Light people on fire - Do you have a burning desire?
   Make my head grow - Use the arrow keys
   Ignite people on fire - Do you have an intense burning desire?
   Spewer - A game about puking
   Ragdoll Avalanche 2 - Gruesome ragdoll physics
   Don't shit your pants - A survival horror game. Text based.

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